Part 2


He cuts you off by covering up your mouth with his hand. He stares at you before you lift up one your legs and push his side with it. He loses his balance and falls against the bed. You quickly get on top of him and hold his wrists in your small hands. You straddle him and he looks you up and down. He unintentionally licks his lips and smiles. 

"What?" You ask.

"Nothin," he laughs.

You sit down on his midsection and you hear him groan slightly. He pulls your wrists up and intertwines his fingers with yours. You hold your palms up and he traces the lines on your hands carefully. You roll off of him and lay down next to him. You feel him shift his head to look at you. He grabs your hand and holds it tight in his. You feel butterflies in your stomach. Your knees feel weak. But at the same time, you feel calm and relaxed, as if it was meant to be like this. It was a safe, reassuring feeling, knowing that he was laying next you. 

He props his head up on his arm and looks at you. You look over at him and he smiles. 

"What?" You ask again.

"Nothing!" He laughs.

There is a moment when neither of you talk and it’s silent in the room. He shakes his head and laughs. Then he comes at you and is straddling you. His head is buried into your neck, and you’re laughing with him. He playfully nibbles at your neck and ear. He leaves sloppy wet marks up and down your neck. His kisses turn more passionate and he moves closer to your jawline. He’s up to your cheek and now right next to your lips. He smiles again before planting a kiss on your lips. Your fingers run through his hair and his hand is on your neck. You tug on the hem of his shirt and he pulls it over his head. He kisses you a last time before looking at you intensely. 

"Tell me you love meeee," he whines.

You look at him and you realized that you loved him all along. 

"I love you."

 ”How much do you love me?” He asks again. 

"I dunno," you tease.

He looks at you with a face of disappointment, but then gives you a cheeky smile. He grabs your wrists again and holds them down. 

"I won’t let you go until you tell me," he growls, his eyes dark, full of lust.

You lift your head up to meet his and peck his lips.

"A lot."

His much larger body falls on top of yours and his breathing slows. His eyes shut. You feel his heartbeat on yours. His thumb grazes over your hand, back and forth. You lift your hand up and drag it up and down on his muscular back. You feel goosebumps raise on his back where you’ve caressed him. You feel him lock hands with yours and you smile to yourself. 

"How much do you love me?" You ask him, hoping he hadn’t fallen asleep.

He groans to himself and looks up at you. “More than anything in the world.”


sO I HOPE YOU LIKED IT. but i was crying internally earlier because of this guy named jake. just leaving it at that ;;;;;;;)))))



Part 1

4.) Can you do one where your crush has to stay at your house bc his is being like remodeled or something and he is being super annoying and driving you crazy at first and then you make a connection (8 Votes)


It’s a normal, boring Tuesday and you’re walking to your house from school. You see a truck parked in your neighbor’s driveway, you’re crush’s driveway. You see people bringing in furniture, cabinets, sinks, and flooring being brought in through the front door. 

You walk up to your house and walk inside and see your crush sitting on the couch on his phone. You freeze. Your mom appears from the kitchen and she smiles.

"Hey, (Y/N). Our neighbors are getting a bit of a house remodel so they need to stay here for a few days."

As you walk inside, you drop your gym bag on the floor and sit onto the chair, opposite of (Y/C/N). You still don’t know what to say. He’s going to be staying in your house. For a few days. He’s going to be here while you get ready for school in the morning, and when you eat dinner with your family, and when you…take a shower.

(Y/C/N) looks up at you from his phone and quickly looks back down. 

"I set up the air mattress for (Y/C/N) in your room, (Y/N). I’m going to store. I’ll be back soon guys." Your mom quickly grabs her purse and scurries out the door. 

It’s silent in the room. (Y/C/N) is on his phone still, not making eye contact with you. You stand up and go over to your bag to grab your English homework. You can feel his eyes on you the entire time. You sit at the table and try to work on it but you can’t focus. You hear him stand up and his footsteps come closer. 

"Whatcha workin’ on, roomie?" He smiles.

You keep your eyes down on your paper. “English,” you sigh.

"Ah," he says, walking over to the other chair next to you, "Need any help?"

"Nope, I think I’m good," you say, looking up at him. "Thanks, though."

He smooths down his pants and raises his eyebrows at you.

"What?" You ask, confused.

"Nothin’, silly."

You look at him for a few more seconds before going back to your work. 

"So," he begins, "since we’re technically roommates…"

"We’re not roommates," you interrupt.

"Alright, fine. Since we’re sleeping in the same room," he corrects, "I just thought that I should let you know that I snore pretty loud and talk in my sleep every once in a while."

"Great to know," you say, getting up. "Well, I’m going up to my room now to finish my English paper without any distractions.” 

You try walking up the stairs but he quickly gets in front of you and blocks your path.

"Excuse you," you utter.

He opened his mouth to say something, but no words came out. He looked down at his feet and stepped to the side. You walked up the stairs without saying another word. You could feel his eyes on you and heard walk back into the kitchen.

Later that night

You’re laying in bed reading The Fault In Our Stars for the 100th time. You can never get enough of this book and it makes you cry every time. You hear a soft knock on your door and it opens slightly. (Y/C/N) pokes his head in and looks at you.

"Mind if I join you?"

"Do I have a choice?" You reply, focusing your attention back on your book.

He steps in, wearing a pair of baggy, grey sweatpants and a t-shirt, and sits himself down on the air mattress. 

"What are you reading?" He asks, trying to look at the cover of the book.

You roll your eyes and shut the book. You hand it to him and let him inspect it.

"The Fault In Our Stars…." he repeats, flipping through the pages carefully. "Looks good."

"It is. They’re making a movie out of it."

He raises his eyebrows again and tosses the book next to you on the bed. He flops down onto the air mattress and stares up at the ceiling.

"Don’t pop that thing, (Y/C/N)," you order him.

"Oh, relax. Both of us could be wrestling on this and it wouldn’t pop."

"How do you know? My mom has had that thing for years."

"Well," he begins, "Why don’t we try it?"

Before you can refuse, he’s already grabbed your arm and pulled you onto the air mattress. He pinned you against the air mattress and held your arms down. 

"What are you d-"

He cuts you off by covering up your mouth with his hand. He stares at you before you lift up one your legs and push his side with it. He loses his balance and falls against the bed. You quickly get on top of him and hold his wrists in your small hands. You straddle him and he looks you up and down. He unintentionally licks his lips and smiles. 

"What?" You ask.

"Nothin," he laughs.  


So if you guys like this then i’ll do a part 2! make sure to inbox me if you want it!